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Q: Where can I learn more about WPHS XC


Q: Is XC Coed?

A: Sortof, the boys and girls may train together, but boys and girls each race in their own divisions.  

Q: When does the cross country season begin?

A: Cross country season starts in the fall, shortly after school begins.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Athletes are required to sign up for Athletic PE in the Fall semester.  This will allow the athletes sufficient time to train and shower before their first academic class.

Q: If my athlete signs up for athletic PE, will this delay graduation or limit which classes they can take?

A: With the current WPHS Block schedule, athletes have approximately 15 elective classes during their 4 years at WPHS.  Taking XC/athletic PE will consume up to 4 of those 15 electives.

Q: What do students need to participate in Cross Country?

A: Students will require typical athletic clothing (shorts/tshirt) running shoes and a great attitude.  

Q: When are practices/meets held?

A: Practices are held before school and during athletic PE class.  Optional practices are held on Saturdays.  Meets are after school and occasionally on Saturdays

Q: Are the kids fast?

A: Some of the kids are fast, some are not.  XC is a great sport for anybody willing to run and ready for personal improvement.

Q: Does my kid need to try out?

A: XC is a ‘no cut sport’  Everybody gets to train and everybody gets to race.  Some Varsity races will limit the number of runners to 7-10; but most races have no limit on the number of athletes.

Q: How do the students attend after school meets?

A: Due to cost and bus availability, athletes are responsible for their own transportation. Athlete organized carpooling is always encouraged. Unfortunately the school/boosters cannot organize private transportation.